Australia – Byron Bay

– APRIL 28-30, 2015

The next stop is the surfing mecca named Byron Bay!  Jill has been itching to get into the surf and hang ten!  Byron Bay is a resort-looking town, but strangely it has all of the major stores you would expect to see in a major centre.  They just dress up the stores to look like a village main street.  Interesting.

The beach has pure sand that squeaks when you step in it.  We are told this is due to the high level of silica in the sand.  Its a sound you would never expect to hear when walking on sand.  Our hostel has a direct walking path to the beach, which is quite handy for quick access.

Byron Bay Beach-03

Byron Bay Beach to the south


Byron Bay Beach-04

Byron Bay Beach to the north

Just off the beach is a shipwreck that actually helps the surfing conditions.  There is a sand shelf just off the beach that directs the flow parallel to the beach.  This sand shelf means you walk into shallow water, then deeper water, then shallow again.  This shelf forces the waves to crash into it, then forces that wave off of it.  In effect slowing down the waves and making perfect conditions for beginner surfers.

Byron Bay Beach Shipwreck

Byron Bay Beach Shipwreck

Below is the series of pictures from Jill’s action in the ocean.

Jill Surf-01

The surfer posing for her fans!

Jill Surf-03

Jill hitting the surf

Jill Surf-04

Jill hitting the surf

Jill Surf-06

Jill hitting the surf

Jill Surf-09

Jill hitting the surf

Jill Surf-10

Jill shows us how its done

Jill Surf-11

While others are wiped out, Jill is still standing at the end of the surfing day!

Next we move on to Brisbane.


For more photos of our adventure go to our flickr account here.


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