The Amazing Race Begins!

– FEBRUARY 17, 2015

We are officially on the flight path to New Zealand!  This morning at 6am Saskatchewan time we were dropped off at the Regina, Saskatchewan airport for the first leg of our own “Amazing Race”!  Thanks to Mike, Simia, Jayna & Ella for taking care of us the past couple of days and for dropping us off to start this adventure.

We departed Regina at 8:25am Saskatchewan time and arrived in Calgary, Alberta at 9:04am Alberta time (although the flight time was 1hr 39mins).  Then we had a 2hr 31min layover in Calgary.  We had to pick up our checked bags in Calgary and run them through US Customs.  It was quick and painless.  After the snowmobile accident posted earlier on Feb 8th, I was on crutches for 5 days then I graduated to a cane to assist with the injured hip.  It turns out that the cane gets Jill & I past all security line-ups…no waiting for these crazy kids!  Everyone at the airports is more than happy to send me to the front of the lines…and Jill gets to join me.  Weird side benefit.

Anyhow, we dropped off our checked bags again with Air Canada and then went to our next flight gate.  We continued on to our next stop in Los Angeles.  That flight was 3hrs and now we are sitting in LAX in the middle of our 7hr 23min layover.  Later tonight we depart for Auckland, New Zealand at 9:00pm PST and that flight will take 13hrs.

The total time including all flights and layovers is 27hr 35min.  That’s a small price to pay to start off the Hintze Amazing Race!

A fun point…at LAX we purchased some lunch and Jill had Chinese food.  At the end of her meal she opened her fortune cookie and no lies, the picture below is what it said:

The fortune cookie Jill had with lunch joke!

The fortune cookie Jill had with lunch today…no joke!

Just like Homer Simpson said…you can’t fight the fortune cookie!


For more photos of our adventure go to our flickr account here.


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