365 days in the books…

– FEBRUARY 18, 2016

One year…365 days…206 travel blog posts….15 countries…and here we are.

One year of travel around the world and now its time to return back to Vancouver.  It has been a life changing experience, to say the least, but we both agree that one year was long enough on this trip.  We will post some “best-of” posts a bit later, but for now we are 40 minutes away from boarding our flight back.

About six months ago, we looked at flights to Vancouver from anywhere in Southeast Asia via our British Airways air miles, and we discovered this gem of a flight in Business Class from Manila to Tokyo to Vancouver…and it only cost us $50 Cdn funds total.  Fifty bucks (plus air miles of course), but we are flying back in style.  Thank you British Airways!

Take care everyone…we will see you soon as we unwind back in Canada and get our lives back up and running.

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For more photos of our adventure go to our flickr account here.