Where in the world is Kenneth & Jill?

– JULY 22, 2015

We have decided to depart from our itinerary and head out elsewhere for a while.  To be honest, the constant poverty of the people throughout Indonesia and the horrible treatment towards us throughout Malaysia has been a bit much for us to take.  We need to get out of Southeast Asia for a bit and regroup before we continue on to China.  We will definitely come back to Asia to continue this journey, but a new venue will be a nice change of pace.

So where are we going?  That’s a great question and its one we will leave as a mystery for a little bit until the next posting.  Trust us when we say it will both be awesome and yet also completely confusing for anyone following this blog.  Its a “big jump”, but fortunately our British Airways air miles has made this extremely cost effective.

Stay tuned…and feel free to throw down a guess on the comments section.

Its time for a hint!


HINT #01


HINT #02

Hopefully this won’t be too easy!


For more photos of our adventure go to our flickr account here.


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