Indonesia – Bali – Ubud city sights and the food

– JUNE 01, 2015

We arrived in Ubud, located north of Legian and Kuta.  Its a much calmer atmosphere, with the same shops and opportunities as in the southern towns but without the aggressive approaches.  A person could really relax in this area.


Ubud street warungs


Ubud street warungs


Ubud street statue of family

One of the things we can’t figure out is their fascination with the penis.  Its everywhere, including in Ubud.  We asked around, but we couldn’t get a straight story on this.


The people of Bali have some fascination with the penis. Every street has a shop with wooden penis everywhere…seriously, why???



Ubud prayer ceremony prep


Ubud construction work on a small prayer temple


Street flower message for anyone passing by.


What the heck do they think is a “Puppet Show” within a spa? I couldn’t bring myself to go in and ask.

Bali-Ubud-Ubud Palace-01

Ubud Palace

Bali-Ubud-Ubud Palace-02

Ubud Palace

Bali-Ubud-Ubud Palace-03

Ubud Palace

Bali-Ubud-Ubud Palace-04

Ubud Palace

We had a great view from our hotel breakfast area.  Below are some pictures of the food we got to sample in Ubud.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Breakfast View

This is the view from our breakfast table every morning in Ubud.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Cinnamin Pancakes

Cinnamon Pancakes for breakfast.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Banana Juice

Banana Juice (freshly made on the spot)

Bali-Ubud-Food-Yellow Rice-01

Mie Goreng vegetarian dish

Bali-Ubud-Food-Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur (this specific version is reserved for special occasions only)

Bali-Ubud-Food-Banana Sunshine Juice

Freshly made Banana Sunshine Juice

Bali-Ubud-Food-Apple Strudel-01

Apple Strudel

Bali-Ubud-Food-Apple Sweet Potatoe Pie-02

Apple & Sweet Potato Pie (this combination was amazing! Crust bottom, sweet potato base, apple filling, then the top crust.)

Bali-Ubud-Food-Capucinno Donut

Tiramisu Donut

Bali-Ubud-Food-Chocolate Caramel Cake

Chocolate/Peanut Butter/Caramel Cake

The Luwak, an Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxus hermaphroditus), eat only the prime kopi (coffee) cherries it selects.  The kopi (coffee) cherries eaten by the Asian civet passes its digestive tract with its normal fermentation.  In other words, the Luwak eats the coffee cherries, digests them, has a bowel movement, then the feces are collected by people and used to make coffee.  Yes…you read that correctly.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-01

The Luwak animal

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-02

The Luwak animal

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-13

They grew their own spices for the various coffee flavors.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-14

They grew their own spices for the various coffee flavors.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-04

The coffee beans are sorted into the various baskets.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-03

They then roast the beans right there on the spot.

The free coffee & tea samples brought out to us were as follows (from top left corner moving clockwise; with their descriptions from the shop):

(1) Mangosteen Peel

– Prevents cancer, aging, good for dental health/eyes/skin/hair, lowers stress, aids digestion & vitality, assists to prevent prostate cancer.

(2) Bali Coffee

– Organic Bali coffee is Bali’s best coffee selected from red sun ripe harvest coffee and processed while slow roasted to ensure the quality of the finest beans to provide you with a richer, better coffee taste.

(3) Ginger Tea

– Ginger tea is usually used to prevent colds and to aid digestion.  Also can be used as a home remedy for nausea & sore throats.  It also has a remedial effect on diarrhea & stomach ache due to low body temperature.  It is purported to aid blood circulation.

(4) Lemon Tea

– Lemon tea benefits are quite numerous and varied in nature and as a result many people choose to drink this choice of concoction.  In comparison with soda or coffee, tea carries a lot more health benefits.  Lemon is also known as nature’s antiseptic.

(5) Ginseng Coffee

– Ginseng is an aphrodisiac, helping accelerate the healing of many diseases.

(6) Lemon Grass Tea

– Lemongrass tea provides relief from nausea, severe menstrual cramps and acts as a diuretic.  Detoxification of liver, pancreas, kidneys, bladder and the digestive tract.  It also assists in maintaining normal cholesterol levels in the body, toxins, excess fats and improves digestion.  Lemongrass also relieves symptoms of the common cold/cough.

(7) Cocoa Spices

– Chocolate, cocoa powder, ginger, sugar and Indonesian spices result in a distinctive flavor apart from other cocoa coffees.

(8) Vanilla Coffee

– Vanilla coffee is usually better served in the morning.  A blend of coffee and vanilla extract good health, one of which is to calm the nerves.

(9) Bali Cocoa

– Bali Cocoa has a positive influence on one’s health, containing antioxidants.  Flavonoids found in hot chocolate are beneficial to the health because they shield the walls of blood vessels from free radicals.  They balance the levels of compounds called eicosanoids, which may be beneficial to cardiovascular heart issues.

(10) Coconut Coffee

– Selected from the best Kintamani coffee and fresh coconut cream powder blended with normal cream/sugar to get the rich taste of coconut and coffee.

(11) Rosella Tea

– This was a special tea that was off the menu.

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-06b

Starting at the top left and moving clockwise: (1) Mangosteen Peel; (2) Bali Coffee; (3) Ginger Tea; (4) Lemon Tea; (5) Ginseng Coffee; (6) Lemon Grass Tea; (7) Cocoa Spices; (8) Vanilla Coffee; (9) Bali Cocoa; (10) Coconut Coffee; (11) Rosella Tea

Then it was time to try the special Luwak Coffee.  The workers apply high standards of sanitation and hygiene in utilizing these droppings and transforming them into coffee grinds.  This results in a natural exotic taste and aroma.  We had to order one to try it out…when else will we ever have the chance to try something like this?  It was a distinctive flavor…not our favorite, but definitely something we will remember (the taste/smell in addition to the story).

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-06

Luwak Coffee

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-11

All of the samples were dusted!

Bali-Ubud-Food-Luwak Coffee-12

Their retail shop to sell their coffees and teas. Severely overpriced to the point we didn’t buy any.

More Ubud adventures to come!


For more photos of our adventure go to our flickr account here.

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