Indonesia – Bali – Legian – Food Chatter

– MAY 27, 2015

The last week has been spent relaxing, surfing, wandering around Bali, sitting in the sun, sweating and of course eating!  The food here is simply amazing and easily beats the western food options.  There are small food carts driven by motorbikes that look shady at first, but when in Rome do as the Romans do!  These carts drive around the streets and stop at random spots to serve soups, pastries, noodle dishes and rice dishes.  There are no set schedules or fixed locations, so you have to be lucky to find a certain cart at a certain spot on any given day.  Still, there are so many options you never grow tired of trying these carts out.  See an example of a Nasi Campur mixed rice dish that has the ingredients put together made to order.

Bali-Nasi Campur Vendor

Nasi Campur Mobile Food Vendor

The food from these carts and Warungs (small shops) is delicious.  Some more pics of the food is seen below:

Bali-Nasi Campur2

Nasi Campur (whatever they cooked overtop of rice)


Bali-Nasi Campur3

Nasi Campur (whatever they cooked overtop of rice)


Bali-Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng (vegetarian option chosen)


Bali-Gado Gado

Gado Gado (vegetarian dish)

The warungs have fresh juices to choose from.  The avocado juice is sweeter than you would expect and has become one of our favorites with meals.

Bali-Fresh Avocado Juice

Fresh Avocado Juice

Down by the beach you can find most of the motorcycle food vendors at points throughout the day.  One guy who always seems to have the same spot locked in is the fresh corn vendor.  He takes a fresh cob of corn and places it over fire coals.  He then fans the coals with a burlap flap and the air triggers the chain reaction coals to cook the corn.  When he is done then the butter and salt is applied to finish it.  This is some of the best corn you will ever eat (close tie to the fresh hutterite corn in Saskatchewan).

Bali-Beach Corn Vendor

Corn Vendor on the beach


Bali-Beach Corn

Beach Corn

They use a leaf called “pandan” with the flour to make a green loaf of bread.  It tastes the same as white bread in North America, but has the look of something that either went bad or was infused with gamma radiation (think Hulk).

Bali-Green Bread

Roti Tawar green bread sandwich (bread made using pandan leaf in the flour)

There are various flavours to milk here as well.  You have the regular milk and chocolate milk…even vanilla makes sense.  But then they make melon flavoured milk….melon?

Bali-Melon Flavor Milk

Milk with melon flavour.

On the beach you can buy pretty much anything you can imagine.  DVDs, CDs, wallets, food, massages, clothing….and a whole lot more.  I had to take a picture of the hat vendor as he wqas smart enough to figure out a way to carry his inventory on his person without dragging anything through the sand.  He also had a great smile.

Bali-Hat Vendor on Beach

Bali beach hat vendor who knows how to keep a strong inventory on hand.

More R&R in Bali to come.  We have been in this area for 10 days and we just extended it for another 5 days.  Slowing down the pace from New Zealand & Australia is exactly what I have been looking forward to.


For more photos of our adventure go to our flickr account here.


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